What Are Intu Blinds?

An Intu blind fits directly into the frame of your window, but rather than clipping to the frame like a Perfect Fit blind, they have a surface fitted plastic cover which is fitted to the top of the windows and houses an inbuilt slider that provides a tilt function to the blinds. The blind material is able to run up and down the window frame via a discreet cord and uses a clever tensioning system, which helps to prevent your blinds rattling in the wind – ideal when you want to allow fresh air inside your home.

Intu blinds can be easily fitted to windows and glazed doors as the head rail clips into the window beading, therefore no drilling or holes are needed making them ideal for rented accommodation or if you want fuss-free blind installation. This also makes them easy to remove to clean.

At Love Is Blinds, we can create your bespoke Intu blinds fitted to the exact size of your window or door, so it fits perfectly. You can customise everything from the colour of the Intu plastic cover to the colour and pattern of your blind.
Intu blinds are available as pleated, cellular, venetian and roller blinds, so you can match your Intu blind with the style and benefits you need. For example, cellular blinds are ideal for heat blocking and sound insulation, venetian blinds allow you to control light and privacy easily and roller blinds allow you to make full use of patterns and design. This means you can find something that perfectly suits your home.

Best of all, Intu blinds are child and pet safe as there is no hanging chord, helping to put your mind at ease and creating a safe environment.

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